Commercial Photography & Headshots

COVID UPDATE: Currently we are mostly shooting outdoors, although the studio is available with covid restrictions.

Commercial Photography

In the first two years in New Mexico, Ell Photography contracted to produce artwork for 49 different billboards; had 20+ images published in 5 different brands of magazines including back cover and inside front cover placements; been published in several NM and CA state-wide journal and newspaper publications as well as for the Associated Press published nationally; produced images for bands, lobbyist groups, and national companies for their websites, marketing collateral and press releases.  

Since commercial photography needs vary so widely, please have your marketing or artistic director, ad agency, or general manager contact the photographer to discuss concept ideas and licensing usage needs to get an estimate. 


Regular Headshot Session

A fully customized and private 30 min portrait session 

  • Spend half an hour with the photographer to get in-depth coaching on how to pose to get the results you want.
  • Bring an outfit with slight variation (with and without a jacket).
  • Flow through several different poses to find what suits your profession (and body geometry) the best. Chose your favorite poses to select from for your final image (or add additional images at the viewing to keep). 

Mini Headshot Session

Ask about Group Rates as low as $35/head
Join or create your own Group Day (with an Individual Session for you)

  • Mini sessions are only available with at least two people in the same location on the same day.
  • Join a group day that may already be on the books, or you can create your own with friends or colleagues that may also need a headshot! 
  • Group Days are all at the same location (studio or on location). 
  • Each person gets about 15-20 minutes of personal shoot time (depending on group size). 
  • Only one outfit (with some variation) is recommended to maximize shooting time.
  • Two outfits are allowed with two "sittings" on the same group day.
  • Multiple people coming from the same organization or in your group (you can bring friends from other companies too) are eligible for the group tiered pricing. For studio group days, all participants will just have the same backdrop.

ON LOCATION: If we are on location, as we walk around, we'll work with and shoot each person at each spot along the way with coaching for everyone throughout the shoot.  The amount of total time we take with everyone depends on how many people are participating, but each person will get time  at each of the different spots. The viewing is generally done on a different day, but varies depending on how late the sessions ends.

STUDIO: If the group day is at the Studio, everyone will shoot on the same backdrop and general lighting setup (with slight variations), although the poses, chairs, stools, etc. may vary by person. We recommend one wardrobe outfit with slight variation for mini-session.  Studio sessions are more private.  Sessions may be back to back, but each person has a solid chunk of time with the photographer with the viewing to follow.  This option is great with large groups to make them look the same such as if you want headshots of your team to look cohesive on the "About" page of your website.

Check out a few of our past group headshot clients:
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Mary Kay - New Mexico Directors
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Cherry Hills Dental Staff Headshots and Commercial Photography
Albuquerque Studios - Studio Concierge

The Headshot Process:

  • If you know what orientations or aspect ratios you need (e.g. square, vertical 4x5, horizontal 5x7, etc), let us know ahead of time.  If you need negative space to overlay with text for mailers or banner ads, just let us know and we can shoot for your needs.
  • We "flow pose" you through several different poses (with lots of coaching!) that fit your body geometry and the look and feel you want for your headshots. 
  • You will pick out the image(s) you want at the viewing, usually following the session. We like to do these in person as can help advise which expressions and poses are best for what you are trying to market and convey.
  • General Business Use Licensing is included with the session and works for most people.  Affordable commercial licensing is available to upgrade to in multiple tiers depending on what you need.  Additional images can also be added (and most people do!) where you can decide what licensing you need with each.

What you Get:

  • Touch-up of best photo (remove blemishes, even skin tone, reduce fine lines, slimming if needed)
  • (1) high-resolution jpeg photo with General Business Use Licensing (upgrade to commercial licensing available)
  • Touch-up and licensing to additional high-resolution images available for purchase at viewing
  • Optional Hair and Make-up Artist - $185 extra
  • Choose from many studio backdrops or any location in Albuquerque

1-hour Website Marketing and Headshot Session - $499

This session is for small to medium businesses that need commercial images or product shots for web banners, buttons or "About Us" page headshots.  This is great for offices that need images such as friendly team photos, owner or staff headshots, location/storefront photos, action shots or product shots.  Images come with General Business Use Licensing.
  • (1) location, up to (1) hour
  • 1-2 sets of wardrobe recommended
  • Up to (3) different lighting setups if lights are needed.
  • Touch-up of best (3) photos (remove blemishes, even skin tone, reduce fine lines, slimming if needed)
  • General Business Use rights to (3) jpeg images
  • Rights to additional General Business Use licensed images $50 each
  • Commercial Licensing available, price varies by size and usage.
  • Bulk pricing is also available if, for example, you need more images for a web carousel or love more than just 3!  When you call or email, let us know what you need and we can customize to add time or give bulk pricing to make sure we shoot for what you need.

Modeling Portfolio

Agency Group Session 
Individual Session 

  • 3-hour session (including wardrobe changes, drive time)
  • Up to (2) locations (within 10 minutes of each other)
  • Up to (3) looks, with several poses each look
  • Touch-up of up to (6) best photos
  • (6) 8x10 prints for Model Book
  • Rights to (6) high-resolution jpeg images