Friday, March 30, 2012

Tent Rock Engagement Session - Albuquerque Wedding Photography

Erin and Jeremy got engaged while hiking up in Tent Rock, so we went back up there to take some engagement photos for their engagement photo session.  We found an awesome tree for a little picnic and then walked around by some of the drainage creeks.  They are so cute (and such genuine and SMART people) and I am so excited for their upcoming wedding in Albuquerque!!! Here's just a sneak peek.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

From Sante Fe with Love

Bryana and Jonas were two of the most sweet, awesome, and photogenic people I've worked with and they are clearly in love!  They drove down from Sante Fe to do their engagement shoot in downtown Albuquerque.  My awesome makeup artist (and voice activated light stand, lol) came down to help us out as well. (Thanks Cher-Bear!!!)  These photos came out so well, these two seriously could be models.  I can't wait for their Sante Fe Wedding this summer!!! It's gonna be rockin'!