Sunday, January 10, 2010


My extended family came to visit San Diego for Thanksgiving. We rented a HUGE AMAZING house in La Jolla and had a blast. Here's a few quick pre-dinner shots :)

After looking at the last few posts that were actally taken a year apart, I'm beginning to think that I love stone walls + seniors. For some reason it's a great background that's not too plain, but not too distracting. The tones also complement the skin :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tuxedo Kitty

This little one is always ready for a Black Tie Affair.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hula Moves Event

Jennifer Adams is one of the most positive and inspirational women I know. She has a passion for Hula owns a company called Hula Moves. She hosted a charity event in November to inspire women to lead healthy lives.

The event started with juicing and a relaxing yoga class.

Jen's brother is a massage therapist and was offerring free shoulder sessions.

Some of the other Hula dancers brought hand made lei's to sell for the charity.
I liked Jen's fitness classes so much I now go every Tuesday! I don't think I could make it through such a hard core aerobics classes without her positivity and motivation! She's amazing!

Halloween Cuties

Happy Halloween! This Cutie Patutie is now 6 mo old.
Little Nathan is always so happy!

Dance Off

At our housewarming party, we had a few really good dancers. All of the sudden there was a dance off in the middle of my living room. I ran upstairs to grab my camera and took this looking down from the stairs. I wish I would have grabbed it sooner! He did some sick tricks!

New Beginnings

Nathan is the cutest, most well behaved baby I know. I've been photographing him and his family about every 1-3 months as he's grown up. These are from the second shoot when he was 3 months old. I've already tried to bribe his mother to "make" another one for me ;) but to no avail.

Passion on the Dance Floor

I was with another photographer shooting some dance team photos, and I found out that many of the dancers were real life couples. I LOVE doing passion shoots, and these two were putty in my hands. Audra is soooo photogenic, it's hard to put her in a bad position. Once I talked them through a few shots to get them comfortable in front of the camera, they just blossomed into amazing models right before my eyes. I can't wait to shoot them again. (Such a shame Brandon is busy jumping out of airplanes on the weekends!).

Center of Attention

Shortly after Nina's Diva shoot, she asked me to shoot some at her Birthday Party with all the closest girls. It kind of looks like a Bachelorette Party :) Nina has a great group of girlfriends and she's always the life of the party!


I took this photo in her entry way at her house, originally as a gift for her boyfriend. Her bf made it his computer background and all his friends asked him what up and coming actress it was. He played along for a while, then dusted the dirt off his shoulder and "actually that's my girlfriend." She's quite the diva :)

A Senior Close to my Heart

Brittany came over about two hours before sunset, and we scrambled to find the right outfits and do her makeup.

We decided on two looks, one here mom would like :) and one that showed her true personality. Once her makeup was done, we did some shots near the stone work in my apt, then headed over to the school accross the street.

As we were coming back, the sun was setting and the light was AMAZING! It made the neutral toned stucko glow!

My First Blog

I've never blogged before, I always thought it was lame before, but I think this will be more of a photojournal for on assignment and portfolio work :) I'll give it a shot.