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I can't get enough of round bellies and tiny babies, so it's no surprise how much I love to photograph expectant parents and newborns. From pregnancy to their first birthday, I got you covered.  Maternity sessions can take place at any local setting of your choosing to create the most customized and unique photo of your blossoming family.  Outdoor settings are perfect for maternity sessions!  Each session lasts ~1 hour.

For newborn sessions, since babies can be fussy, I always set aside 2-3 hours to allow for "bio-breaks" to make sure we get them at their best.  Newborn photos are cuter the tinier (and sleepier) the babies are.  Newborns can be photographed up to a month old, however, it is better when your newborn is 3 days to 2 weeks old and BEST if under a week old.  If your newborn is less than 7-8 days old, they will be sleepier and more curled up so that we can capture those super-sweet sleeping photos.  After about a week, they start to stretch out, are more alert, and not as pliable for some of the more coveted poses.  If they are older, they will not sleep through some poses as well, but we can use wraps and swaddles to still capture their sweet faces and tiny features.  I suggest booking your newborn session when you book your maternity session and definitely before you give birth so that we can set aside 3 potential dates to photograph your new baby at his or her tiniest depending on when he/she arrives.  Once the baby is born, you find yourself in a whirlwind of love and lack of sleep and it's hard to plan anything other than cuddle time.  We also have a very full schedule, so we may not be able to get them in right away if you wait until after the birth. If you keep in touch on your delivery, we can make sure to get you scheduled when your baby is at his or her best!  

About the Studio

Newborn twin photography
Newborn sessions take place in my 1700 sqft studio attached to my home.  It is split into several rooms where there is a  comfortable living room with a fireplace with privacy for feeding, two couches to be able to lay down for a nap, a few toys to keep siblings happy while waiting their turn, a baby changing table, a wet bar to warm bottles if needed, a mini-fridge stocked with bottled water, baby swings, and an oatmeal bar with all sorts of toppings in case you didn't have time for breakfast before coming to your session. We also have a queen bed and bedroom for the family to lay down and rest when it is available. Our studio bathroom has a place to hang clothes and change in with all sorts of extra hair and makeup supplies for touchups.  It also has our bathtub for after cake smashes!  Then there is the larger studio room several different areas for sets with all the right equipment to get adorable photos while taking great care for newborn safety.  We also have another large room that is our newborn prop DREAM CLOSET!!  It has all hundreds of props, blankets, wraps, baskets, furs, hats, and headbands.  

To book, Contact Ell Photography at 505-933-5585.

Albuquerque Newborn Photography

Build Your Own Package:
When building your own package, there are three parts:
  1. Choose your Session Type and book your session by paying the non-refundable Session Creation Fee
  2. Choose an Art Piece (enlargement, canvas, acrylic, grouping, or album). Get a 10% discount when purchased (or payment plan started) before the shoot, starting at $200.
  3. Choose the Resolution of your Digital Image Package. On the a la carte side, you will pick a certain number of images, but with an Art Piece Selection from step 2, you get the added bonus of getting ALL good images (20-30) in your Digital Package and just need to choose Standard Gift Print Size or the Highest Resolution. ALL the are detail retouched for blemishes, slimming, flyaway hairs, baby drool and boogers, and newborn skin redness and blemishes (This is where you get your mega value in extra editing by building your own package vs a la carte)

A La Carte:

If you want to decide later, you can always just book your session (part 1) and then go "a la carte" at the viewing. You can always decide to build your own package with an art piece and digital images at the viewing, but you get the best bundled discounts when choosing ahead of time because then we can shoot for your exact goals (portrait vs landscape, square vs rectangle, canvas vs acrylic, what poses you want where in a gallery grouping) and give you exactly what you are looking for. 

Step 1: Session Types and Session Creation Fee (Booking Retainer)

You may purchase sessions online by clicking links below, but must call 505-933-5585 to check availability, discuss digital and print package options, and book your date(s). You may also pay by credit card over the phone during this consultation if you prefer. 
  • Maternity (1-hour with partner and/or other 2 or 4-legged children) $250*
  • Glamour Maternity* (1-hour mom-only when added to newborn session) $150 NEW DISCOUNTED OFFERING 
* Please note that on-location sessions have a $500 minimum purchase (including Session Creation Fee). 

    Step 2: Choose Your Art Piece

    In-Home Virtual Gallery Design  - "Begin with the End in Mind"

    If you are like me, I need help visualizing what different sizes look like on my wall to see if they are too big or too small. That's why I like to begin with the end in mind so I give my clients exactly what they want. This virtual in-home design not only helps visualize what sizes or groupings work, but helps me suggest locations and compose the photographs for what you ultimately want (landscape vs portrait, square vs rectangle, canvas vs print or acrylic, what background colors match your space, etc). This is a free service to explore options with no obligation. 

    With some phone snapshots of your walls and home provided by you, I can mock up different wall gallery ideas "to-scale" so you can see what it would look like EXACTLY in your home! Later we can drop in either example or your actual photos to come up with a plan and goals for the session. Many times we will come up with a final plan of what we want and spread the canvas or frame purchases out over a few consecutive sessions to show your family growing all in one collection.  

    Step 3: Choose Your Digital Image Package

    You have the choice of Standard Gift Print Size images or the Highest Resolution Available on USB. The High REs package comes down in price as your ArtPiece Collection goes up. If you are doing a medium to large Wall Gallery, the Highest Resolution image package may be the same price, or sometimes less, with large collections! This is another built-in added value. You also get a bonus gift with the High Res Package. Contact me for details at 505-933-5585!

    Baby Love Milestones - $350
    3 baby-only sessions within a year after your newborn session to showcase milestones such as tummy time, sitting, and standing. 

    This package includes 3 1-hour baby-only session creation fees to capture your baby's first year so you don't have to lift a finger for a camera.  Choose any 3 photography sessions: 3-month (head-holding tummy time), 6-7-month (sitting), 9-month (cruising), or 1-year (standing/walking) milestones.  All sessions must occur within one year of each other and occur before baby's 2nd birthday. You may upgrade one of these sessions to a family session for $100 or a cake smash session for $150 while still keeping the bundled discount. 

    We like to set all the tentative dates up when you book so you don't forget to use your sessions within a year, but you have 1 free reschedule as the dates come near. 

    Personalized Baby Shower Invites and Custom Baby Birth Announcement Cards
    Although I am an affiliate partner with Tiny Prints, I also create completely custom birth announcements using your newborn photos and pregnancy pictures. We can combine or customize your favorite designs and include your nursery colors for about the same price (but usually less) than Tiny Prints. 











    Baby Bump Shoot (Maternity Photography) - $250

    The maternity photography session focuses on showing off your beautiful baby bump! The shoot can be indoor/outdoor (or both if available in the same location), and is generally 1-2 hours. Feel free to bring your hubby or other children. Bring on the belly! Sessions should be booked during the last trimester (preferably between weeks 30–34) of pregnancy.  If you have a Pinterest page of your favorite pregnancy pictures and maternity photos, I'd love to see them!






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