Friday, October 16, 2020

Fall Family Portraits in the Bosque 2020

 Fall Family Portraits in the Bosque 2020

Originally I thought we'd lose our leaves early this year because of the record heat this year, so I planned ahead booked most of my regular clients earlier in October to make sure we didn't lose out. While many other types of trees have already thinned or dropped early, the cottonwoods in the Bosque are still fairly on schedule with the leaves only about half turned right now and will hit their peak in the next two weeks as usual. We should still be able to get great photos there through the end of October, and there are lots of openings that normally aren't available during this busy time. If you want to book a last-minute session in the last 10 days of October, we actually still have slots available!!  Sessions start at $500 with no on-location fee. 505-933-5585

In November, there's a great spot with red ivy and golden grasses if you missed out on Bosque color.

November openings for Red Ivy location:

Nov 2, 3, 5, 6 at 4:10pm

Nov 17, 18, 19, 20 at 4pm


For COVID, we are only taking outdoor appointments. There is no fee to shoot on location ($500 minimum).  However, we also have an outdoor set at the studio that is great from 9am to 10am if you have an infant or toddler that you'd want to capture in a milestone session (to showcase tummy time holding their head up, sitting, or standing/cruising). It's also great for cake smashes and thanks to the record heat this year, so far it isn't too cold in the morning. You can photograph directly on the greenery backdrop or we have a few banners you can choose from if you prefer. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


While trying to keep up with the covid safety mandates, we are open for outdoor shoots only.  September and October are the best months in New Mexico to do outdoor shoots anyway!  We are asking families to only photograph with their immediate family and to wear masks at all times we are not actively shooting while always maintaining 6 feet of distance between anyone outside their family.  We are no longer providing "touch" props because it just isn't feasible to wash some of these things between families, but have lots of suggestions for things for you to bring to keep little hands busy. We have also moved all viewings to Zoom or Skype. 

**More info on Halloween, Christmas/Santa mini-sessions and modifications for boudoir, headshots, cake smash and other types of sessions below**


I just opened up the schedule for "Prime Leaf Week" for the best fall color in the last two weeks of October. Regular clients get first choice of those dates, so call soon! 505-933-5585 Or email me at if you'd like to get the most recent package list. 

I'm also shooting the last week of October through the first two weeks of November at the "red ivy location" where leaves go from green to red depending on the weather (it's all gorgeous, no matter the color - I had my last family photos taken there!). There is also some tall grass there as well. 

I am still debating if and how we would be able to do something like this safely as I wouldn't be able to disinfect all props in between each client on a mini session day, so I'm looking into potentially doing a backdrop set that wouldn't be "touched" and have you bring your own Halloween props to keep little hands busy, or just the costumes for older ones for some in-character action shots.  If I do this mini session, I'll be spacing things out over a few days or the two weeks before Halloween... everything is still TBD, text me if you have a preference or ideas!


Santa unfortunately is canceled this year - Santa is a Senior Citizen and it's just not safe :(

However, our outdoor Christmas tree "set" has finally grown in that I think we can use it this year!!  Our Santa mini sessions are usually the first weekend after Thanksgiving weekend (Dec 5-6 this year). Everything is still TBD, but I think we are leaning towards putting lights or basic wrapping decorations on the tree and having families bring their own decorations and have them hang ornaments as a candid-photo activity and then do portraits in front.  We also have Log stump stools to sit on where you can bring your own Christmas story to read as a family. For babies or children, you can have them bring their own stockings with a small gift inside to open. We will not be providing props this year because it is not feasible to wash in between each family. We will still have short mini or extended mini-sessions like before but have more time in between so families so don't overlap or expose each other as well as let slots spill into Sunday if and when Saturday is totally booked.  If you have ideas on how to make this better, please text me!  I'm open to ideas. 


For other types of sessions, we've been having to do some outdoor modifications as well.  Everything we are doing is outdoors until things clear up.


We almost always photograph Seniors on location anyway, so not much of a change here. It's already time to start thinking about yearbook photos that have deadlines anywhere from the end of October to the end of the year!


While some professions allow for nature headshots, many need a more "studio-like backdrop" and we have found some textures around town with brick or stucco that still have a professional feel and work for outdoor sessions. This mottled grey textured wall has also been a favorite for outdoor studio-like headshots. 


I have modified my boudoir packages for on-location sessions (1 hour or 1.5 hours) and have some secluded areas that have worked well. Message me on facebook @EllPhotography or call me if you'd like more info or are interested in doing something outdoors before it gets cold. I've done some BEAUTIFUL ones on horseback by the river, or in the foothills with moody clouds and sunsets behind. In the bosque, you can dip a toe in the shallow river, or let a flowy coverup or fabric dance in the breeze behind you. They can be a lot of fun and make for very unique photos. 

We actually designed a raised brick planter bed and started growing honeysuckle on a 12x12 trellis specifically to be able to have outdoor cake smashed at the studio. It is FINALLY grown in!!!  I haven't gotten to use it yet, but here is what it looks like with just a phone snapshot and all the banners we have that we can add to the decor. I can't wait to use it for the first time! It's best in the morning shade of the tree when babies are also usually at their best!  #PlanningFinallyPaidOff #LivingWall


I really can't wait for Covid to pass and everything to open up safely again. We've all had to make so many sacrifices, but I want to be able to capture some good memories from this year too because my, oh my, 2020 has been a bummer on all fronts!  Stay safe out there and hopefully I'll see you soon!