Monday, June 5, 2023

Purchase Full Resolution Images without Watermark

This mini-session was one of my
favorite days as a photographer!
I have spent a little over a decade in this beautiful state. I am filled with deep gratitude as I reflect on the countless memories we have shared together. It has been an absolute privilege and honor to serve this community and witness the beautiful connections and joyous milestones that unfolded in front of my lens. From capturing the first smiles, first steps, graduations and the moment you say, "I do!" each session has held a special place in our hearts. I have LOVED. EVERY. MINUTE. Thank you for inviting me into your lives to create beautiful images with you. 

Although we are closing our doors, I want to ensure that you have the opportunity to acquire your full-resolution images, free from watermarks, granting you the freedom to use them as you wish in the future. Please MAKE SURE to locate ALL of your past images from Ell Photography (on CD or USB) before we close completely, as we will no longer be archiving past sessions. If you have canvases or enlargements, I encourage you to consider purchasing the full-resolution images below. Unless you purchased the full-resolution image upgrade in the highest "Create-A-Collection" option, most past session packages included "Print Resolution" up to size 8x10, so it is essential to obtain the full-resolution images if you ever need to replace your canvases or enlargements. Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to replace them if anything should happen. 

As technology continues to advance, it's also important to consider future photo plans, such as creating nostalgic graduation or wedding projects for your children. Opting for the highest resolution images will not only provide the best quality for these projects but also ensure their longevity for archival purposes.

With the utmost concern for your future peace of mind, I am offering the full-resolution images (without the watermark) at a substantial discount below. My intention is to ensure that no family encounters any difficulties down the road. Please take advantage of this opportunity to secure your memories for generations to come.

How to Order Full-Resolution Archival Image Files:

Archival files are sold by the session. I only recently started offering full-resolution files in the "Create-a-Collection" packages for families ordering large wall galleries. However, since we are closing, I am now offering them for all past sessions and at a significant discount. These images come without any watermark branding and include unlimited personal use printing rights to make albums, your own canvas enlargements, etc. Purchase your full-resolution archival quality images from any past sessions below. Please select the session type and the approximate date (at least the year and month, if you remember) so that I can locate your files easier.  Most session types will be delivered by Dropbox digital file transfer, however, for large sessions, multiple sessions, or just if you prefer, there is a USB order and ship option as well. 
Session Type
Session Date (at least year)


If you haven't ordered enlargements (canvases, metal or acrylic prints, or framed prints) from a past session and still want to, please call 505-933-5585 before the end of June. Since the studio is closed, they will be shipped to your house.