"Family is where life begins, and love never ends..."

Family is the first, last, and most important thing in a person's life.  Whether it is just you and your partner, your baby's 3-month milestone session, a whole Brady Bunch of mixed children, or a group with multiple generations, we consider all standard sessions like these to be "family sessions."  I aim to capture your child’s innocence and spirit so that, in the years to come, you can look back and remember exactly who they were on ‘that’ day. I want my images to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. I blend artistic and journalistic styles to capture the interactions of love in your family in a unique way that you won't get at a mall studio. I shy away from canned backgrounds and shoot at a venue that represents you.  The family package includes a one-hour on-location session in the foothills, bosque, park, studio, or any place of your choice in Albuquerque. This photo to the left is one of the first family sessions I ever did back when I lived in San Diego, CA.  I've improved a lot since then, but I still look back and think this image captures their two adorable little girls - those little girls are now all grown up, but this image captures how playful and young they used to be!

Family Packages

Email me at to get the most current monthly specials! 

Here are the base packages.  If you send us photos of your walls and home, we can also do digital "in-home" design where we can mock-up different gallery collections to scale so you can see what different collections look like before you invest in wall art for your family (see below).  You always get the best discount on enlargements and collections when you Build-A-Package and decide ahead of time what our goals are for each session.  I then know what aspect ratios and grouping we know we want for the session and can give you the best possible session possible! The more we plan, the better I can advise on wardrobe, pose and compose to fit your style and deliver exactly what you want and what fits the best in your home!  USB's area also always available so you can have copies in digital format and print additional gift prints on your own as well.

  1. Currently, we are only taking outdoor session, but lucky us, September and October are the best times for outdoor golden hour sessions. The last two weeks of October are best for fall color and I have some perfect spots. The "red ivy" location extends into mid-November (note the time change in early November that makes sessions earlier where you may have to take off early from work though). The Foothills are great anytime, even throughout the winter for bundled up wintery photos. 
  2. We ask that all families wear masks for all parts of the session except when we are actively shooting. We usually don't for outdoor shoots anyway, but the studio is not providing "touch" props during covid, but we do have recommendations of things for you to bring to keep little hands busy in photos. 
  3. All viewings and photo selections are not virtual through Skype or Zoom. 
  4. Unfortunately, Santa mini-sessions were canceled this year because most Santa's are "Senior Citizens" and it's just not safe to expose them like that.  We DO however have an outdoor pine tree and evergreen "set" on the studio property where you can bundle up, cheers with hot cocoa, "decorate the tree" with some of your own meaningful ornaments, and read some holiday stories. This set will be available either just before or just after Thanksgiving and through December.

Build Your Own Package:
When building your own package, there are four parts:
  1. Choose your session type and book your session
  2. Choose an Art Piece (enlargement, groupings, or album) with a 10% discount when chosen before the shoot, starting at $200
  3. Choose your resolution if digital images. With an Art Piece Selection, you get ALL good images (20-30) in your Digital Package and ALL are detail retouched for blemishes, slimming, flyaway hairs, and of course boogers (This is where you get your mega value in building your own package vs a la carte)

A La Carte:
If you want to decide later, you can always just book your session (part 1) and then go "a la carte" at the viewing. You can always decide to build your own package with an art piece and digital images at the viewing, but you get the best bundled discounts when choosing ahead of time because then we can shoot for your exact goals (portrait vs landscape, square vs rectangle, canvas vs acrylic, what poses you want where in a gallery grouping) and give you exactly what you are looking for. 

Session Types and Booking Fee (Retainer)
  • Baby-only up to 2 years (1 hour indoor or outdoor - great for sitting or standing milestones) $125*
  • Baby Milestones (3 sessions in the first 2 years of life - you may upgrade one session to a family session for $100 with this milestone package and still take advantage of the bundle) $350*
  • Family (1 hour indoor or outdoor session with up to 5 people) $250*
  • Extended Family (2-hour indoor or outdoor session with 6+ people) $350*
    (Note: We used to make this extra hour optional for large families, but when you have a lot of children, lots of family members to get looking in the same direction and smiling at the same time, or have more people and therefore more possible groupings, nothing is ever quick, and we ALWAYS need more than an hour.)
* Please note that while there are no "on-location" fees, outdoor sessions have a $500 minimum purchase (including Session Booking Fee). 
In Home Wall Gallery Design  - "Begin with the end in Mind"

If you are like me, I need help visualizing what different sizes look like on my wall to see if they are too big or too small. That's why I like to begin with the end in mind so I give my clients exactly what they want. This virtual in-home design not only helps visualize what sizes or groupings work, but helps me suggest locations and compose the photographs for what you ultimately want (landscape vs portrait, square vs rectangle, canvas vs print or acrylic, what background colors match your space, etc). This is a free service to explore options with no obligation. 

With some phone snapshots of your walls and home provided by you, I can mock up different wall gallery ideas "to-scale" so you can see what it would look like EXACTLY in your home! Later we can drop in either example or your actual photos to come up with a plan and goals for the session. Many times we will come up with a final plan of what we want and spread the canvas or frame purchases out over a few consecutive sessions to show your family growing all in one collection.  If you want help with some design, please email me at and I can send you instructions on how to take the wall photos to get started. 

Here's a real-life example of the process start to finish where a client provided a phone photo to start.

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