Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tamaya Wedding After the First Snow - Albuquerque Wedding Photographer

Sneak Peak of the Wedding of Jon and Camille at Tamaya

Albuquerque is such a pleasantly small world!  When Camille got engaged, she was referred to me by one of the first girlfriends I made when I moved here to NM.  We all went out to Happy Hour get to know each other and hit it off right away.  Then we found out that her fiance and my husband both have their doctorate degrees in the same very specific aspect of engineering. Excitedly, I skipped home to tell my husband and one of our friend's in the same field that was visiting us at the time. Much to my surprise, I discovered that Jon was actually our friend's roommate back in college hundreds of miles away.  It's so fun to uncover all the webs of connections when you meet new friends!  Jon and Camille are both AWESOME people and I hope that we are friend's and stay in touch for a long time!

The night before their wedding, I was so nervous about the weather because it was pouring down all day and into the night before the wedding, but we woke up to many blessings as the rain had stopped early in the morning, and the Sandia mountains were snow capped and glistening!  The snow on the mountains really made this Rio Grande landscape so beautiful and wildly romantic for these two new lovebirds. And with a little chill in the air, they had even more reason to snuggle up close together for their wedding pictures :)

After much debate, they decided that they wanted to do a "First Look" before the wedding. The woods were a perfect setting for them to share their romantic moment alone together (more of these photos soon!). This was taken just after Camille was such an elegant and poised bride!

The couple's little nieces were the cutest flowers girls!  And their little nephews were little hams (and very responsible ring bearers!)  I thought it was so cute that Camille wanted the flower girls to have their own bouquets instead of petals.  As she reminisced of weddings she was in when she was young, she said she always wanted to have a bouquet like the big girls.