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Want to surprise your husband with the perfect wedding gift? This might be for you. Most brides these days are hitting the gym hard for their big day and are in the best shape of their lives. My client's privacy is of the utmost importance, but I have a few clients that allow me to share their photos with other potential clients. Boudoirs are for women of ALL size and body types. Every woman is beautiful in their own way and it is my job to prove it to you! I also have a makeup artist who can glam you up, and have a hair stylist who is also available part time as well.  Our awesome All-Girl Glam Team will make you feel like a diva and get you ready for your session.

Since Boudoir photos are very personal, this type of session is unique in that during the first consultation, we will look through several pictures to see what styles you like, discuss wardrobe (which doesn't have to be nude), and talk about parts of the body you may be self-conscious about. Some women prefer fun and flirtatious styles, others choose sensual and seductive poses. There are many different poses that can hide certain parts and show off your best assets. If you like more natural photos, I'll show you different movements and flows that will elicit the most natural photos of you in the bedroom.

I'll also go over some modeling techniques for you to practice in the privacy of your home before the shoot. Most boudoirs I shoot are in my home studio with access to the studio space or the master suite transformed into a bedroom set with portable professional lighting, however, they can also take place at a hotel (room rates apply) or on location somewhere else.

As of 2013, sessions are now based on "Productions" which means a set and outfit combo with a few variations. Each Production comes with a set of digital images, the more productions you do, the more bonus images you get. 
We've gotten really good at these, and each Production now takes about 30 minutes of shooting time, enough time to warm up in front of the camera and get some GREAT shots. Depending on if you book hair and/or makeup, prep time can take 1-2 hours. We HIGHLY recommend professional hair and makeup. It's also a good idea to go shopping for wardrobe that fits and accessories after your consultation to discuss details and feel most comfortable come the big shoot. You can find great unique lingerie at Agent Provocateur, Myla, BeCheeky, Le Rouge, and Fred and Ginger. I try to stay away from Fredrick's of Hollywood as I've found they don't fit everyone perfectly and can bag or pucker in an unflattering way on camera. Victoria's Secret can be hit and miss so make sure to try it on first! If you're nervous about your midsection, corsets or babydolls can be a perfect idea for wardrobe. I also always encourage garter belts, thigh-high stockings and pump heels. All images are touched up to smooth skin, remove blemishes, ease any wrinkles, slim problem areas, or give other areas a boost.

Bring several outfits that you feel comfortable in, and we'll match which outfit works best with the set when you come here. We have several different set changes here, but if there is a comforter or some throw pillows that you absolutely love, bring them along too (preferably free of pet hair :P).

Boudoir Print and Product Packages:

You will receive full glamour retouching (body sculpting/lifting/tucking, skin smoothing, and wrinkle lightening).

Since there are so many fun product options for Boudoirs of varying prices, they are sold separately. Discs, slideshows, Vixen Accordion Pocket Books, Bombshell Albums, and Wall Galleries are all available.

Accordion books are perfect little inconspicuous travel-sized gifts that I can slip in his tux pocket on your wedding day or give to you to hide for him to find. As Boudoirs are growing in popularity in New Mexico, more and more of my clients are ordering enlargements in canvas or standoffs to hang on their walls at home in their bedroom.

Frequently Asked Boudoir Questions:

What exactly IS a Boudoir?

My definition is an intimate, sexy, classy, BEAUTIFUL photo session of a woman for his/her eyes only. My beauty Boudoir session focus on flattering, tasteful poses while only giving the illusion of nudity.

Who should go a Boudoir?

I believe that EVERY woman is beautiful in every size and shape. Even if you have some insecurities, let me show you how beautiful you really are! We love little, average, and plus size women alike! Wedding Boudoirs are a great idea for Groom's Gifts!! Schedule Boudoirs for Valentine's Day in January, schedule holiday gift Boudoirs in November, or 1-2 months prior to an anniversary for the perfect surprise!

What is a Boudoir Party or "Pin-Up Party"?

If you have 5 girlfriends or more who would like to do a Boudoir on the same day at the same location (at least one production each), you all get 10% off or an 8x10 Pearl print per production. In these cases, you are welcome to bring champagne to help take the edge off. We cannot serve alcohol unless the party is at a hotel and is ordered through room service (which is also super fun!) For hotel Pin-Up Parties, the participants split the cost of the hotel room in addition to the cost of the Productions scheduled. The cottage rooms at Hotel Parq Central or Los Poblanos are AWESOME for this. This is also a great idea for bridesmaid bonding over a bachelorette party... if you do it in the afternoon, you'll be all dolled up for an awesome night on the town.

Any special tips?

Boudoirs can be intimidating before you get here, so do some research on Pinterest and send us links or ask to see our private gallery. Also, be open and honest with us about what you want to show off, and maybe the parts that you are a little more self-conscious about. If you know what you like and don't like, you can help us make your Boudoir experience a huge success! We have an awesome all-girl team that will give you all the support and coaching that you need!
We recommend that when arrive in loose yoga pants (without a tight waistband) and no bra under a loose smooth material button or zip off shirt or sweatshirt or robe. Tight clothing and bra or underwear straps can leave red marks that can take hours to go away. Also a button or zip-off shirt or a robe is a must so that you don't mess up your makeup or hair in the process.

Drink LOTs of water the day before and day of your shoot. Avoid soda, carbonated beverages, alcohol, and salty foods the day before and day of your shoot. If you are worried about bloating, eat high fiber foods the 3 days leading up to your shoot to push everything through your system faster (celery, etc). Also, if you can avoid carbs (especially breads/crackers/starches) the night before and day of your shoot, but make sure you do eat something the morning of your shoot so you aren't weak or low blood sugar!! Caffeine can help loose some puffiness, so partake in your normal coffee routine but don't have too much or you can get overly nervous or jittery for your shoot. Don't go tanning - no oompa loompas or lobsters on set :P. Do get professional hair and makeup - either here at the studio or at a makeup counter or at your favorite salon. Do get highlights or coloring touched up a week or two before hand.

Where does the shoot take place?

We will shoot in the privacy of my home studio in an ALL FEMALE STAFFED ENVIRONMENT!! I will have one bedroom and the photography studio set up with different backdrops and set changes where you can choose which (or how many) productions (set and outfit combos) that you want to do. We also do on-location (outdoor, at a hotel or in your own home) for an additional fee.

Who will be there?

I will be the sole photographer. My makeup artist and potentially hair stylist will be in the dressing/ready rooms. The lounge area will be set up for all the girls participating in a Pin-Up Party to help pick out outfits and give support, however, the sets are closed to just you and me unless you want a stylist to come in for support (no extra friends, boyfriends or hubbies). Friends can accompany you through the lounge and hair and makeup, but not on set. (We recommend bringing a robe for the lounge area). Occasionally I might have an assistant or apprentice with your permission.

Do I need to bring my own outfit?

Yes! Actually bring all the lingerie or sexy outfits that you feel comfortable in and we can mix and match to fit the sets. Bring sexy stilettos, thigh high stockings (free from runs please), garter belts, pearls and accessories, hair extensions, cup pads from a swim suit or bra, and any other accessories that you think you might want to use. If you are concerned about your tummy, corsets can be a lot of fun and you can usually find some fun ones at Charlotte Russe or Fredrick's. If you are sensitive about your thighs or legs, black thigh highs are great and slimming. Try them on first, if they are too small, they can be too tight on the legs and cause indentations, we want smooth lines. If you are a little more conservative, swim suits, or even sexy dresses and pencil skirts work great too!! I also love Agent Provocateur, Myla, BeCheeky, Le Rouge and Fred and Ginger.

Also, try stealing one of your man's white button up dress shirts, a tie, trucker, cowboy or fedora hat, football jersey or something of his that you could feel sexy in and give him a total surprise. We have a lot of set changes, however, bring any throw pillows you have or if you have a comforter you love, bring that too.

Should I go tanning before the shoot?

NO! No oompa loompas allowed ;) (And redness from too much sun can be hard to Photoshop  this time of year is great to avoid tan lines too :)

Do I need to bring my own fake eyelashes?

YES! My makeup artist is AWESOME and has all the colors you will need, however, she does NOT provide eyelashes (although she can help apply them).  I also recommend getting black eyelash glue (usually sold separately from the lashes) to make it look less "fake". One of my stylists prefers the Revlon brand of black lash glue that she gets inexpensively at Walmart.  If you prefer to use your own brushes, you may bring them too, but it is not a must.

Do you airbrush/retouch/edit?

YES! I used to Photoshop for swim suit calendars and skin retouching, makeup enhancement, and minimal nipping and tucking comes standard with all the images that are ordered or printed. I want you to look like YOU, but you at your best :)

What if I feel stupid looking "sexy"?

Feeling nervous is COMPLETELY normal! Remember it's an all female team and every one of us on the staff has had a boudoir done and know EXACTLY how you feel! We will coach you through everything from how to pose, how to look, what to think about... and we get a little silly to make you laugh :)

Do you do Nudes?

I will do "implied" nudes, but I keep it classy.

Do you do Pin-Up style?

Why yes I do! I have a different hairstylist I would send you to for retro pin-up hair-dos and have a store downtown (FB: Retro Revolution web: Retro Revolution) I recommend for outfits and props.

When do I choose my images?

Right after your shoot. :)

Will you use my images on your website?

Not without your permission!  Images may go in a private password protected gallery for potential clients. 

I'm ready to book, now what?

I need a 25% non-refundable deposit of your total package to hold your time plus any venue fees with a credit card over the phone at booking.  The balance will be due 2 days before the shoot (and if we get 5 girls or more, you all get a group party discount on the balance at that time!)  For the balance, we prefer cash or check, but also accept all credit cards with a 3% credit fee.  You may arrange a time to drop off cash if you want to keep it a surprise from your significant other.

I have other questions, how can I contact you?

Please call 505-933-5585 OR email I'm friendly and would love to answer questions.

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