Thursday, August 24, 2017

Spring Babies Photobooth

We had an amazing turnout for this year's Spring Babies Mini-Session! Seriously, can these kiddos with the little babies be any cuter!?! This is one mini-session I look forward to each year because the children are sooo happy and so adorable when they get to hold all the little animals. Every year it's a little different with what babies are born at that time, but it's such a sweet photo session!!

This session wouldn't happen without the support and help from my friends!!  Thank you to Stephanie and Aldo who let us use their barn. Thank you to El Pinto Restaurant for the baby chicks and thank you to Laura Gene for letting us borrow her baby goats from ABQ Miniature Farms!

Here's a few of my favorites.  Just look at the wild glee and the genuine smiles!!!  Sooo cute I can't stand it!!!