Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rambunctious Rascals and Chocolate Fantasies - Albuquerque Family Photography

Back in March, a past client asked if I would donated a few gift certificates to the New Mexico Natural History Museum for their annual Chocolate Fantasy Gala and Fundraiser. I said, "Of course!" Gina was the lucky winner of not one, but two of them!  While her sister and her sister's kids were visiting New Mexico, she decided to redeem one in July for a summer family photo session.  (I can't wait to see them again in November or December to do a family portrait for their Christmas cards!)

I'm still new to Albuquerque and New Mexico, but it was about this time of year that the weather started getting REALLY weird!!!  At 6pm, the shoot started out really hot and we were all powdering to keep the shine off.  Within 30 minutes, the wind picked up and just about blew the umbrellas over!  Within another 15 minutes, it started raining... while it was still sunny... and then the lighting came.  Luckily we still got some great shots! We just couldn't incorporate the bubbles like we had hoped with all that wind.

Instead, I just let them play and got some really cute candids of Gina's kids and her niece and nephew rough-housing in the backyard.

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