Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Spunky Bride and a Sketchy Bus Station - Albuquerque Wedding Photography and Bridal Sessions

Yesterday I attended a photo meet up where I met several photographers and Claudia, an aspiring model. We played around in the studio, then went down to the downtown Greyhound bus station for some urban shots.

Our posse of 5 consisted of three photographers, a beautiful model, and her bf of 5 years.  We shot at night to avoid leering eyes and any commotion we would cause, however Claudia still managed to attract several double takes by the rubber-necking drivers and cyclists.  Together we started walking together carrying all the gear.  One of the other photographers took a lot of behind the scenes photos and kept lookey-loos at bay.  When we arrived at the bus station, one of the security guards took interest and generously kept us safe from the interesting fellows of the night.

 As the night progressed, the security guard even started to help out.  We staged him in the shot interacting with our model, and then he even offered to hold a reflector for another shot.  It's amazing how everyone likes to get involved when you have a collaborative environment.

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