Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby Yakup! - Albuquerque Baby Photography

In January, Christine came back to Los Alamos to visit her family for a few weeks with her two and a half year old and her 3 month old boys. They were a blissfully boisterous handful, to say the least.  We decided to do two photoshoots at Grandma's house where they were at ease. 

We shot Baby Yakup on his 3 mo birthday. You'd think he was a lot older because he's just about ready to sit up on his own! Their grandma had a beautiful white bedspread, so we set up the portable studio in the guestroom and put Yakup in a basket full of towels with a blanket thrown over the top. I saw these cute little hats on Etsy and decided to knit one myself. Yakup was my first baby model to wear it. I'd say he rocked his first gig!

He absolutely LOVES his Aunt Tricia. She just had to tickle his toes and he'd start cooing and giggling.  He was being so cute and adorable that the rest of the family heard him laughing and came running in to see the action.  If you zoom in on the reflection in his eye (in the high-res image), you can see mommy, auntie, uncle, and me standing over him smiling.

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