Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Physician to Cosmo Cover Girl in 60 minutes - Albuquerque Professional Headshots

I am continually impressed on how professional clients that come in for "traditional headshots" blossom, until a whole other persona soon emerges on camera.  You would think that shooting for a CPA, an engineer, and a physician would be pretty bland, but I will have you know otherwise!  They have been some of the most fun shoots.  Sometimes I don't want them to end.

Today I did a photoshoot for Beth, a physician locally here in Albuquerque.  When she arrived I was already immediately impressed.  She had great skin and was tall and very in shape.  She couldn't make it any easier for me.  We popped on some music and started shooting in the studio.  It didn't take long for her to loosen up and look like she did this as a second job.

Classic Headhsot for the Hospital:

As she went to change into something more fun, she shared a request for Madonna, and I knew instantly we could be friends.  Something about 80's dance music just seems to brighten up the day and put a pop in your step!  Add a little beauty lighting and Voila!

Once we switched to the silver background, it was like switching to the silver screen.  This little glamour girl emerged.  Watch out Danika, this one's coming up quick behind you!

Thanks Beth for an awesome shoot today!  Can't wait to see you and the hubby back for the Holidays!

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