Saturday, August 7, 2010

Circus Fund Summer Camp - Event Photography

This week I blew off all adult responsibilities and went to Circus Camp with my little sister at Kit Carson Park with Circus Fund in Escondido.  Technically, the camp is for kids ages 7-17, but I snuck in there, and surprisingly I fit in a little too well.  They have one more camp at the end of August.  I HIGHLY reccommend it! 

Here are a few snapshots from the show on the last day.  First up, Emily learning silks.

Emily Learning Silks_web

Little Callie is a rising star with so much potential. Here she was standing on the bar, then dropped into an ankle hang.  It takes a lot of guts to huck yourself off of a perfectly good trapeze bar.

Callie_Ankle_Hang_Ell Photography_6238_circus fund_web

Michael was also a stud.  He even came prepared to came complete with a mohawk!  Here he did a plange (which you have to be very strong for) and the dropped into the catcher's hands.
Michael_Chaulk Dust_Plange_Catching_Ell Photography_Circus Fund_6223web

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